The Best Creating And Backing Methods For Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches or cloth patches is an embroidery piece created by using thread and fabric to create beautiful and innovative designs. With custom patches, individuals can create a unique identity of their own, their teams, groups, business, scouts and events. These patches can be used for more than one purposes and for a long time. Embroidered patches can be used on coats, jackets, backpacks, uniforms, caps, ads, flags, etc.

Custom embroidered patches production

Custom patches can be created by using computerized machines. Individuals can send their artworks or illustrations to the creator and he/she shall recreate the design digitally using digital software and using a USB or a data cable transfers it to the embroidery machine. The machine will then read the digital artwork and create the patch over fabric and thread.

There are a number of options available for the thread material to be used but Madeira threads are the most used materials as they are of high quality, durable and is the default thread used by designers for creating firefighter patches as they stand the test of high temperature and fire-related situations. The Chinese threads are slowly gaining traction as the most used thread for creating custom patches.

Backing options available on the custom patches

There are 4 common backing options available in making custom patches:

  • Sew on backing:

It is the strongest way of applying patches and gain permanence. They are done using sewing machines

  • Peel and Stick backing:

It works like a sticker. It is a temporary backing method and can be removed easily.

  • Velcro backing:

It involves thin strip covering with flexible hooks that stick when pressed together. These are most commonly used in kids’ sneakers.

  • Iron on backing:

Also known as heat seal backing, it is used for embroidered, and leather weaved custom patches.

Various websites provide custom embroidered patches with your desired backing options at affordable prices.

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