Some Interesting Stuff about Thor You May Not be Aware of

Odin was deemed the chief of gods, but Thor was much more famous. Legends claim that Odin wanted human sacrifices but Thor didn’t, which made the latter famous. Thor was the great protector of all good, according to the Vikings. Odin may be wise, but Thor was stronger. He was stalwart and straightforward. He was steadfast, indomitable and indefatigable.

Thor is inevitable famous as a role model which can be clearly seen in Iceland where many people take their name from him like Thorgest or Thorkill. And lots and lots of amulets have been found in other Norse Archeological sites. Norsemen wore those Thor’s hammer necklace amulets even after being converted to Christianity deemed Thor as their hero and protecting the influence throughout. He is still deemed a hero amongst people today. Have a look at more Viking Jewelry here.

Thor’s chariot was run by two flying goats by the name Tanngrisnir meaning teeth barer and Tanngnjostr meaning teeth grinder. His father’s chariot was run by flying horse which had 8 legs and was called Sleipnir. And one of the fun facts where Thursday came from the Old Norse term, Þorsdagr, which means Thor’s day!

Thor was the strongest of them all. There were giants who were stronger, but they made the challenge for Thor to beat the giants, much more enjoyable. His hammer called Mjölnir could destroy mountains and with the help of his hammer, he used to smash the heads of the giants which threatened the realm of Gods and the world of humanity meaning Asgard and Midgard respectively. When the Vikings witnesses the skies flashing and the storms rumbling, they knew that Thor was in a war for them again. But Mjölnir is beyond a weapon. Thor used it to hallow or to restore, make holy or to bless. With his hammer, he could also bring things back to life. Thor is always acknowledged at births, weddings and special occasions as a sign of protection and sanctification.

Thor was referred to as the God of Thunder, but it was beyond thunder. He was more like a sky god like Zeus or the god of weather or Marduk. Thor’s parents were Odin and Fyorgyn or Jord. She was deemed a giantess in some narratives, but more associated with the Great Mother Earth Goddess. Thor was always celebrated at Yule as the principal male deity.

As they say, men marry women who are like their mothers. So, Thor married Syf who seemed to be an earth goddess. This makes another reason to why Thor is famous amongst the Vikings. For the latter, the good weather at sea gives them benefits over enemies and bad weather is deemed deadly. When they came back home, many Vikings were farmers. The association between weather and land fertility determines the feast or famine. So, apart from saving the humankind from the giants, destructive natural forces, his efforts and favor blessed the Vikings with safety at sea and abundance on land. Hence, he is loved, idolized and always respected.

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