Making your Wardrobe Sustainable Within your Fashion Budget

Approaching your wardrobe in a sustainable way requires you to have a fashion budget for yourself. To work out a reasonable amount for you to spend, you must look at what you already spend on clothing every year first. The best way to know is to go through your credit card statements.

After working out the total amount you spend every year, ask yourself if you can afford it. Do you regularly pay interest on your credit card purchases on a regular basis? If so, you actually cannot afford your current spending style. But, if you think you have reasonable purchases, you may have to think about this in light of your financial goals.

The Desire to Consume Due to Subconscious Influence

Culture plays a role in conditioning people into spending. Even if you think you don’t want to buy into this, your final decision is often influenced subconsciously, making it difficult to avoid. Thus, regardless of what you spend on clothes, you should not beat yourself up. Over time, you can change this habit mindfully once you form a new habit. Once you get started with sustainable fashion by buy from brands that support sustainable fashion, you will not feel tempted by most shops in the long run. Just ensure that if you don’t need an item, look for a less loved item to donate or give away to prevent your wardrobe from always expanding.

Knowing How to Shop Sustainably within your Budget

People usually put off purchasing sustainable fashion because of the extra cost. But, usually, they don’t compare like with like. Comparing the cost of a poor quality $10 blouse that may just last a few wears with an ethically made great quality blouse for $100 that may last four years will help you understand the reason it’s worth the investment. You may save money over your clothing’s life. The sad reality is that the expensive traditional fashion label makes a larger profit at the expense of their workers and the environment.

Even if you have a limited budget, you can still do sustainable fashion. A sustainable fashion wardrobe is achievable when you plan in advance, learn to save, spend time searching for thrift stores, and avoid falling into impulse purchases. Also, keep in mind that excess consumption is not sustainable, especially credit card debt. Make sure to plan ahead and make your choices carefully when shopping. This approach is sustainable for yourself and the planet.

Erik Alicia

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