Here is an Aftercare Guide for Piercing You Would Definitely Need

  1. Tell the professional to always use needle and not a gun.

The gun equipment would force the earring via the ear with pressure causing unnecessary damage to the tissue. It is also tough to manage sterilization of a tool with the help of plastic parts. With the help of a needle, you have more control on accuracy and it is quite sterile. It functions like scalpel by making small incisions into the tissue and causing minimal damage. Know that when needle piercing is done properly, the pain is quite minimal.

  1. Stay healthy

For piercing aftercare, always keep your body hydrated. A healthy diet is important and you need that specifically after a piercing. Ensure to stay away from all extra trauma to the piercing area. Mostly the irritations occur because from bumping, sleeping or snagging on the new piercings.


  1. In order to look after the fresh piercing, you need to wash it with soap and water or the saline solution at least twice a day. Stay away from rubbing alcohol.

When you use alcohol, it dries up the piercing. If it gets too dry, it tends to crack and bleed and making the wound open. Always go for oil based soaps. They help in cleaning the wound and also provide necessary oils for softening the healing tissue up.

  1. Have a good routine

Before you proceed for new piercing, always wash your hands with soap and water. You can also moisten the piercing with the help of clean fingers and clean the pierced area thoroughly. Then rinse it with warm water.

  1. Turn the earring only when it is wet

Never do it when it is dry.

  1. Cartilage pierce needs more TLC than lobe piercing

Any piercing done on any cartilage area would need more healing time.

  • Stay alert on the signs of healing and how long you may have to wait

Earlobes usually take around 2 to 3 months for healing and cartilage takes around 3 to 10 months. Once it stops to hurt, swell or secrete fluid and fade the redness, consider it healed.

  • Look after the area with all your might

Sometimes all you need is your mentality to heal your pierced area. The job of your body is to get rid of the foreign objects. You need to look after the area and nurse it to health. Sometimes you need to just focus on simple fixes like soap and water to clean and ice for reducing the swelling. If you take the aftercare seriously, the problems can be avoided.

Erik Alicia

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