Five Secret Ideas to How To Apply Makeup Professionally

Yes, you may have been wearing makeup your whole life, but do you know how to apply it like the experts do? If you have ever wondered what the pro-makeup artists do that you don’t, this is your opportunity to learn the best insider secrets to transform the way that you apply your makeup on a daily basis.

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1. Use a Primer: This is one of the best secrets that you will ever discover when it comes to applying your makeup, but you must wear a primer on a daily basis for a flawless application. Even more importantly, make sure that your primer is appropriate to your skin type so that it will minimize oil and shine if you have oily skin. A primer will provide a base for the makeup to stick to, and it will smooth and minimize your pores before applying foundation.

2. Use a Powdered Mineral Foundation: This is something that many women don’t realize, but a powdered mineral makeup foundation is much more forgiving, will go on more smoothly, and provides even and natural coverage. It will also prevent the cakey and thick look of liquid foundation, and you can simply dust it onto your skin in several layers for the desired coverage. Even better, it is actually good for your skin!

3. Wear Less Eye Makeup: Many women feel intimidated in their eye makeup application, but a general rule of thumb is to use three different eyeshadow colors within a color family, ranging from light to medium to dark. Apply the medium color over your eyelid, use the dark color in the crease, and blend the two colors together with the light eyeshadow shade into your brow bone. This is a very simple and effective makeup application that will bring out your eyes, and it is much more subtle than caking on heavy eye makeup.

4. Use Professional Brushes: For any of your makeup applications, professional brushes will give you a much better result than using spongy Q-tip applicators. This will help you to smoothly and evenly brush on your makeup, blend, and create a flawless finish.

5. Finish with a Lip Stain and Gloss: If you are worried about your lip color staying on all day long, your best bet is to use a lip stain that will give a beautiful color to your pout, and finish with a dab of lip gloss in the center of your bottom lip. Not only will this give you long-lasting color, but the lip gloss on your bottom lip will reflect light so that your lips look fuller and more sultry. What a wonderful trick of the trade!

As you can see, applying your daily makeup doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. These professional tricks from top makeup artists in the industry will make a serious difference in the way that you wear your daily makeup so that you will look fresh and fabulous, and your friends and family will be wondering what you have done differently! But you don’t have to tell…

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